Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Little Man

Well, it's only fitting when big sister gets her accolades on her sixth birthday that little brother does too. =)

There is something about six years old though.  It marks the end of chubby cheeks, silly precious baby talk, and awkward movement, and ushers in a very distinct milestone into childhood. A new life all their own. Where my little boy will head off to school for seven hours every day instead of in my home, and his life outside of mine really begins to take shape.

Yes, there's something about six years old, and since he's not only my boy, he's my baby, my heart aches a little harder this time around.  But oh world!  Let me tell you what's heading your way!

Weston Loyd Durham is bright and charming and what he can't accomplish with a winning wit he will succeed with a devilish smile. He thinks likes his Mama, and wins people with his personality like his Daddy. He is smart, wickedly smart.  He's a thinker, a planner, a lover, a snuggler. He's my cautious adventurer.

He may be afraid to fail at times, but when push comes to shove, he sticks his tongue out and works hard to make things happen.  He's not afraid of a little pain. He loves to be praised, and encouragement is the fuel that can make him try something new, even when his perfectionist tendencies try to hold him back.

He makes us laugh hard and smile long. When he speaks, though not often, you had better listen because the wisdom that flows can be surprising. He hears, sees, knows, and understands more than we ever give him credit for. There are deep waters in those hazel eyes.

You still take my hand at times, little man. You're not embarrassed yet to hug your Mama, openly throw your arms around me, and shamelessly tell the world you love me, no matter who's listening. I hope you never stop.

But someday when you might, my prayer is that you never feel that way about Jesus. My prayer for you, my Steadfast child, is that you are never ashamed of your love for Jesus, and that you will speak about Him wherever you go no matter who's listening. May you grow to be a man of strength and unwavering integrity in a world that is desperately looking for real men to stand up and stand firm and stand tall.

I love you with all my heart! Happy Birthday Weston! Six years is something special to celebrate!

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