Friday, October 14, 2011

September Smiles

 OK, I'm a little behind as always, but these pictures turned out too good not to share, so I'm recapping September for those who'd like to know...
Callaway Gardens with Mimi started our month in September.  Good times, good memories, and LOTS of new experiences and adventures=) 
 Do you see these kids???!!!  I mean, I've been blogging since Savannah was just a baby--look back in the archives--I just can't believe how big they've grown.  My mommy heart aches, but I am so proud of them, so unbelievably humbled that God has loaned them to me for this short time here on earth.
 Weston is my little chillin' man.  He's gonna break some hearts one day, and Savannah, well she's all joy as always--loving life and everything about it.  A trip to the HillCrest Apple Orchard was such a fun family outing.  Their first petting farm....

 Her favorite?  The kittens of course 
(I am HIGHLY allergic).

  Weston, well he wanted to put the animals down just as quickly as he had asked for them=)  The picture of him with the lamb below just makes me laugh.

 These are my two kids.  I pray they spend the rest of their lives experiencing adventures together in all this life has to offer.  The best of friends--this has been my prayer since they were born.  Next up, first pony rides and some photo ops with a bull...(Savannah is just so not a toddler anymore...she became a girl overnight...and yes, I know the bangs are hideous, but such is the growing pains of growing them out.)

 The many faces of Savannah, and I picked just a few for the blog....

  Told them both to make a funny face for this next picture...they both just make me laugh=)
 And last but certainly not least, September 29th brought us the blessed presence of my second first born niece for the 2011 year (seems our family is 3-0 for having first born girls)--Karis Laurie Harper is finally here and adorable.  Who would have thought our clan would ever turn out such a tiny little girl.  At 6lb 9oz, she's been the tiniest of us all.  Welcome baby girl=)  Guess Weston is just gonna have learn to live it up in a woman's world for now=) 
More thoughts in the works....hope you enjoyed the update though!
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