Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank You June

Yeah, so there was so much that happened in the month of June that each activity really deserves it's own post.  However, seeing as it's the third week of July, I'm afraid what little loyal audience I have left will have to be content with about 40 pictures and snippets of praise.  Really that's all that's worth recording anyways=)  Enjoy!
#129 new family additions!  Welcome Hartley Elizabeth Bounds--June 2nd is a fine day to enter this world=)
#130 a safe delivery and beautiful baby girl
#131 the joy on a new dad's face-priceless
#132 the love in new mom's eyes-unmistakable

#133 another milestone complete-second Sprint Triathlon completed on Sunday, June 5th--sorry no pics=(
#134 my husband and two children that brought tears to my eyes and energy to my step as I started the 5K leg of the race
#135 that those three people in my life erase the loneliness in life
#136 family-God knew we'd need encouragement
(In case I don't get around to writing another blog about this race, I did finish 5th in my age bracket--WOW. With a final time of 1:58.29. Under 2 hours-woo hoo!! My splits were a long story for the swim, 1:13.03 bike and 30.50 run, making that my fastest run ever at just under a 10-minute-mile pace!! So excited!  God is so good.  He met me every second of that race.)

#137 good friends like the Gootees
#138 a fun day at Cagle's Dairy Farm learning about this world You've created for us
#139 gardens to harvest
#140 siblings to share in the fun
#141 so many created animals to care for and learn from
#142 first experiences caught on camera
#143 the joy of a child's curiosity
#144 baby cows, goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks
#145 learning so young that caring for things, animals, people is our God-given gift
#146 Rosie the cow and her fascinating milking demonstration

#147 a mom who's not afraid to try new things
#148 a Muddy Buddy race that challenged us for 5 miles together
#149 a great start
#150 an incredible, one-of-a-kind finish (1hr 12 1/2 minutes total time)
#151 making memories--the dirtier the better in my book=)
#152 a dad who's always been right there cheering us both on--and taking all the great pictures=)
#153 the joys of Vacation Bible School
#154 allowing me to watch the hearts of young children grow to love you
#155 the BEACH!!!
#156 one precious little girl
#157 one darling mess of a boy
#158 that they already take on the world together
#159 sandcastles-'cause they are made to be enjoyed and destroyed=)
#160 siblings who laugh and squeal and create and destroy together

#161 siblings who fight--means they're human and normal
#162 family--my cup overfloweth
#163 cousins
#164 possibly two of the biggest "chiefs" I know sharing a steering wheel=)  Good thing my uncle is older and wiser=)
#165 sweet little boys who love their mommies
#166 fathers and sons and legacy in the making
#167 the God-given financial provision to be able to experience Sea World with my girl
#168 finding amazement and wonder in all God's creatures even at the age of 31
#169 the opportunity to spark and grow a love and respect for God's creation in such a close way in the heart of a child
#170 capturing memories that will last a lifetime

#171 children who love every experience of every moment and aren't afraid to face their fears and take some risks
#172 the opportunity to face their fears with them and share in their new found loves
#173 quiet strength and dignity even at such a young age
(Although, disclaimer, he did scream A LOT on the beach--He wasn't always this sure of the sand.)
#174 apprehension and the lessons it can teach too

#175 one cool dude=)

Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures if you made it this far=)  June was a very full month, but not just full of events, it was full of life and family and love and memories.  I truly wish I had more time to give to each of these events, to document them in the way they deserve.  I pray all these photos are enough to trigger my memory one day.  Only time will tell=)  "Thank you, Lord, for June! And July is already off to a great start=)"

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