Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let Me Try to Catch Up...

A month?!? Almost a month? Has that much time really slipped by since my last tirade of a post? Geez...let me see if I can give you the run down in short spurts and pictures=) Well...

there was Easter,

then Joey played in a Chick-fil-A Dodge Ball Tournament with the fam...love these guys! And yes, their team name was Old Diesel, aptly shortened to the O'Diesels. Such a funny, long story behind that name! Unfortunately because of the creeping audience I know this blog has, for the first time in my blog history, I feel I am not at liberty to divulge these details. So sad...would have made so many laugh!

From left to right: Mark (cousin's hubby), Joey, Mark ("little bro"), Andrew (cousin), Tyson (kinda related, but not really, too long a story to explain), Matthew (bigger, little bro) =)
Let's see, then my last tirade happened,

I started working for my friend Dezirae with Sugar Snap Photography. I LOVE THIS! I'm like an office assistant, answering emails, placing orders, and such. I work 1-9 hours a week depending on volume, and I LOVE IT! But who would have guessed an administrative job involving computer work from the comfort of my own home would be right up my alley? =) Oh, and if anyone needs a good photographer, she's wonderful!

Then we left town! I'm saddened my cuz didn't give me a small shout-out on her blog, but given she just graduated from a doctoral program at the ripe old age of 29, I will let her off the hook for being slightly distracted=) Anyway, we had the best, best, best, best time ever in Arizona with April and Destin. I love my children, but it was the first time, I honestly didn't want to come home. Sound terrible? I know!

But between doing nothing by the pool, sleeping in until we just couldn't sleep anymore, experiencing near hypothermia tubing down the Salt River (so much fun anyways!), hiking through some of God's most beautiful mountainsides, and seeing a playoff game between the Spurs and the Suns--seriously? Who really would want to come home?
But we did. We came home to our two beautiful children, and the best gift ever is their smile from ear to ear and squeal when they first see you. That must be what heaven's music really sounds like=)

Savannah was well by the time we got home. Weston still did and still does have the same ear infection. You know it's bad when at his 9-month appointment, my doctor looked at me and said, "You really have had a very hard winter." Yes, yes I have. I'm praying that the tubes Weston gets in his ears on June 1st bring a swift end to this hard winter.

However, despite his horrible ears, he still has the sweetest disposition, so we don't slow down a bit! As soon as we hit town, after the ENT visit, we headed straight out to Harry Stacy Farms with MiMi to pick fresh, home-grown, organic strawberries...Mmmmm, yum=) Savannah thought this was great fun, and as soon as I join the 21st century and figure out how to upload Flip videos to the internet, I will share more, but for now, these are photos are some of my favorites.

Mother's Day was the next weekend. We went to Macon, and I am officially zero for two in getting a halfway decent Mother's Day picture. This was the best of last year's pictures.

There really wasn't a "best" of this year's pictures, so I will let you have the funniest.

Nine years of married bliss was aptly celebrated on the 12th by visiting my Granddaddy Frank, who wound up in the hospital unexpectedly, then once we realized he was stable, continuing on to help Matthew and Emily move into their new apartment in Augusta. So definitely, Arizona was our anniversary celebration! But we loved helping Matt & Em move and wouldn't have done it different if given the chance=)

And I'm pretty sure that catches everyone up. I leave you with pictures of the signs of the life I live now that I try to capture--trinkets and tattle-tales of little hands at work-- because one day all these little signs will be gone, and I will miss them. "Thank you Lord,.."

#22-for bunny stickers on the washing machine and fish stickers on the bathroom wall

#23-for spilled messes found after the fact

#24-for family, and friends, and places to go, people to see

#25-for a daughter who gives me big hugs and tells me she loves me just because

#26-for cuddles and tickles and laughter and snuggling on the bed watching Bambi

#27-for a little man on all fours, rocking back and forth, trying so hard to figure out how to get around his little world

#28-for the joy in the eyes and smile of great-grandparents

#29-for 9 marvelous years of God-seeking marriage and a man who I wouldn't trade for anything

#30-for fresh smushed strawberries, sugared to sweetness

#31 for the hopeful end to four long months of ear infections!